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From Dream To Film Maker In Three Months

 3 MONTH FILMMAKERS COURSE -   Course Content & Dates:

The course starts on Tuesday 12th September 2017
Location AFB    113 Flinders Street. Melbourne CBD VIC

All Photos are from our Film Set, our new 100 minute Movie  Sipernatural Thriller "Tabernacle 101".

Tuesday Night  12th September  2017: 6.30pm - 9.30pm

Introduction and Scriptwriting:  Teacher: Colm O'Murchu & Sean Smith


Our new movie Tab 101 is currently in production. Many past students are now working on this film.

  • ⇀ Introduction to teacher and course participants
  • ⇀  Course Overview and objectives-High level overview of the film production process and the excitement of       making your first short film
  •  ⇀ How to format a script-This is an essential part of filmmaking and will provide you with the tools                      required to write and format scripts professionally
  • ⇀  Scriptwriting tools and software (how to use free tools,saving you software license costs)
  • ⇀  Introduction to the language of filmmaking. The Film Shots-introducing to shot types and how to use these as a director

Tuesday Night 19th September 2017: 6.30pm - 9.30pm

Teacher - Sean Smith  for all following sessions unless stated otherwise. 

Creating the story: 6 hours completedLocation: L 2, 16 Palmer Parade, Cremorne VIC  Teacher: Sean Smith


Actress Elly Harani in our current movie Tabernacle 101

Story Invention Workshop. In this session we create the Story for the Film Production. The teacher will show you exactly how to create a story that grabs your audience.

⇀ Story Ideas Brainstorm
⇀ Plot the story-the key plot points
⇀ We demonstrate how to write a short film using the Improv Technique ⇀
⇀ Three Dimensional Character Creation
⇀ High Stakes Objectives
⇀ Adding Conflict to your story

Result: By 9.30pm we will have developed an eight to ten minute short film story.
Voluntary Homework: Write the first draft script of the story.

Over the years we have found the results of the above techniques have produced a strong short film story for emerging or beginner filmmakers.

After class drinks Social at a local venue (Allow $5 for a drink). This is voluntary and intended to help the group bond and allow you to talk film with your new team!

Tuesday  26th September : 6.30pm - 9.30pm

Location: L2, 16 Palmer Parade, Cremorne VIC 3121. Teacher: S ean Smith

In this session everyone will be introduced to the mechanics of a film scene and film equipment. You will use the camera to shoot a scene, getting to feel how it works and what is needed for a Professional Shoot.

  • ⇀  The dynamics of a scene. Shots & coverage,crew setup,the'MasterShot'and directingyour actors.


    Track shot on one of our film productions.

  • ⇀  Introduction to the'calls' of a professional film crew
  • ⇀  Camera Equipment:Play with the 4K Blackmagic URSA mini Camera with Professional Rig including
  • ⇀ Matte Box and A-B Hard Stop Follow Focus and lenses.
  • ⇀  Lighting Equipment:Lights, Gels, Spun Reflectors and Scrims
  • ⇀  Professional Sound Equipment:Lapel Microphone, Shotgun Microphone with Boom Pole and Pistol Grip
  • ⇀Result: By the end of the session, you will have a foundation for using film equipment and how to use it to shoot a scene.

Tuesday Night  3rd October : 6.30pm - 9.30pm

Colm O'Murchu at Video Village on Tabernacle 101

Colm O'Murchu at Video Village on Tabernacle 101

Camera Department Basics: 12 hours completedLocation:
Tonight you will learn how to operate a Professional Camera and be part of a Camera Department, including:
⇀ Camera basics (AFEW-Aperture,Focus,Exposure,WhiteBalance) ⇀ HowtobalanceaFluidHeadTripod
⇀ How to focus effectively using Focus Chart and pull focus
⇀ How to check exposure⇀ How to compose/frame your shots
⇀ Camera movement:Tilt & Pan using a tripod
⇀ Camera movement:Handheld with a shoulde rrig
⇀ When to use Prime Lenses and when to use Zoom Lens. The Session will end with Shooting an Interview with 3         different Camera Shot

Tuesday Night 10th October 6.30pm - 9.30pm

Location: L2, 16 Palmer Parade, Cremorne VIC 3121. Teacher: S ean Smith as always unless otherwise outlined

6.30pm ­ 7.30pm ­ Script selection & Casting setup

One of our Film Productions

One of our Film Productions

At the start of class the successful script will be announced. From here we will discuss the characters in the script and set up a casting call.

⇀ How to set up a casting call:
⇀ We show you how we get the bestActors into theCasting session

7.30pm ­ 9.30pm ­ Sound Department

The Sound Session: Learning how to use Professional Sound Equipment on location, including: ⇀ Sound basics

⇀ Shotgun Microphone & Boompole
⇀ Wind Sock
⇀ Wireles sTransmitter sand Receivers with Lapel Microphones
⇀ XLR Inputs on the Camera
⇀ Setting the right sound levels and monitor in sound on set

The Session ends with shooting a scene focusing on correctly recording sound, including static subject dialogue and moving subjects.

Tuesday Night 17th October   6.30pm - 9.30pm

Watching closely the actors at Video Village

Watching closely the actors at Video Village

The Lighting Session: Learning how to use professional lighting and gaffer equipment to light your scenes.

⇀ Basics of film lighting (3,2,1 point lightng and effects)
⇀ Lighting for exposure vs lighting for mood & effect
⇀ Using natura llight
⇀ Lighting with set lights:  Dedolights, Fresnels, LEDs and Redheads
⇀ Using Gels& Diffusion with lights

We will experiment with lighting different scenes trying to create different looks and moods just by changing the lighting setup.


Tuesday Night 24th October : 6.30pm - 10.00pmunspecified-1

Casting your film: 22 hours completed

Casting Night: Live auditions with real actors. Tonight we have a real live Casting with real actors. You will get to:

  • ⇀  Learn the process of casting actors professionally
  • ⇀  Set up the Lights and Camera for casting.
  • ⇀ Camera operators will be rotated through out the night
  • ⇀  Actors should be scheduled for 10minutes lots
  • ⇀  You will direct the actors during their audition,assisting them to  provide their best performance

Result: You will learn how to cast a film effectively by doing it for real for your short film. This is a favourite session for many students as it is the first opportunity in the course to direct actors and see the characters come to life.

Tuesday Night 31st October: 6.30pm - 9.30pm

3 Month Film Course Graduate -Tim Carr DOP on our Film Production Tabernacle 101

3 Month Film Course Graduate -Tim Carr DOP on our Film Production Tabernacle 101

Preproduction: Tonight you will learn all about preproduction for a film shoot and locking in the final logistical and production elements to ensure a successful shoot.⇀ Shoot location sourcing, selection and finalisation
⇀ Wardrobe,props and set dressing
⇀ How to prepare a schedule and a Call Sheet
⇀ Working with actors and how to provide effective direction
⇀ Confirm actors are booked for rehearsal sessionon

Saturday 11th November. 10am - 4pm Practical Saturday

Being set ready & rehearsals:

This is a Saturday session designed to give you further practice with the camera, lighting and sound equipment to ensure you are "set-ready" and the crew works as a well oiled machine.unspecified-4



Tuesday 14th November   6.30pm - 9.30pm 

Our Film Set - Production Design top notch.

Our Film Set - Production Design top notch.






Final preproduction:

  • ⇀  Final Shoot Preparations; How to prepare for shooting.
  • ⇀  Direct or preparation: Shot listing and story boarding
  • ⇀  Director preparation:Learning your scenes,understanding the motivation of your character sand preparing to direct your actors performances
  • ⇀  Preproduction: Finalising remaining details such as:Locations,Extras,Props,Wardrobe,Set dressing


In addition to preparing to shoot, we will invite the core cast (actors) to attend a rehearsal session.
This session will focus on assisting the actors in their preparation for the shoot and expose you to working with actors.


Saturday 18th November  : 8am - 5pm

THE SHOOT: Day One:  9 Hour Shooting Day:  42 hours completed.unspecified-5

Film Shoots are on Location: Locations can be a shop or hotel or park or any variable of a film location. This is a very exciting day where one is on a real shoot and real film .   Teacher  Sean Smith

The Film Shoot Day 1 - On Location.

Today you will work as a crew member.  Every person revolves through the crew roles over the 3 shooting days.

Revolving Crew roles you will take on:

  1. Director
  2. DOP
  3. Focus Puller
  4. Clapper
  5. Sound Recordist
  6. Boom
  7. Gaffer
  8. Grip
  9. Continuity
  10. Producton Runner/ A

Tuesday 21st November 6.30pm - 9.30pmIMG_3719

Shoot review: 63 hours completed

Teacher: Sean Smith

⇀ Review the“rushes”-raw footage from the shoot
⇀ Review of the shoot and lessons learnt
⇀ Review directors preparation
⇀ Review blocking & direction
⇀ Review of communication with department heads

Saturday 25th November : 8am - 6pmIMG_3802 (1)

THE SHOOT: Day Two: 51 hours completed

On Location: Set location - TBA  Teacher: Sean Smith

⇀  Your second day working as a crew member on a real film.
⇀  Crew roles continue to rotate over the 3 shooting days.

Sunday 26th November  8am - 6pm

THE SHOOT: Day Three: 60 hours completed.

Today the Crew shoot on their own on Day 3. Your last day working as a crew member on the film. Crew roles continue to rotate for the final shoot day, but the crew will be running this shoot almost completely solo. This is 100% hands-on practical and everyone is required to help make the film.



Tuesday 28th November  : 10am - 1pm 

Film editing Session 1

Location change Teacher change : International House, 241 Royal Parade Parkville, Ronald Cowan room
Teacher: Vanessa Cox.

Vanessa Cox

Vanessa Cox

In the studio, editing begins on the film. You will learn how a film is edited and how to use professional editing software and how to work with an editor.

⇀ Adobe Premiere Pro Software and a tour of it. Why you should use  the software
⇀Learning Editing via Tutorials on Adobe Premier Pro Site
⇀View footage
⇀ We edit the first scene of the film
⇀ MusicSelection.

You can request the footage from the film shoot and edit

Tuesday 5th December  : 10am - 1pm 

Film editing Session 2

Vanessa Cox works with the fine cut of the film on this Saturday.

Saturday 9th December  11.00am - 5.00pm

Sound Postproduction: 76 hours completed.
Location change Teacher change : John Hresc - Base Studios 7 Yarra Pl, South Melbourne 

Location: The Base Recording Studio, 7 Yarra Place, South Melbourne Teacher: J ohn Hresc

John Hresc our Sound Designer and Teacher on 3 Month Film Course

John Hresc our Sound Designer and Teacher on 3 Month Film Course

Sound Post Session Channel 9 Sound Post Expert John Hresc cleans and mixes the sound in the studio, showing you how to:

⇀ How to clean up dialogue.
⇀ Using ADR to replace location dialogue.
⇀ Where to place Sound Effects & Foley.
⇀ Mixing Music and Sound Tracks.

This is a wonderful final technical session where the course participant learns the importance of Sound and sees the film in its completed phase for the first time with music and seamless sound track.


Tuesday 12th December 6.30pm till late

Location change  Teacher Change Colm O'Murchu:  80 hours completed
Loop Project Space & Bar, 23 Meyers Place Melbourne Teacher and Owner of AFB: C olm O’Murchu

 Directing a shot at Video Village on one of our Film Productions "Dealing with Destiny

Directing a shot at Video Village on one of our Film Productions "Dealing with Destiny

6:30 ­ 8:30pm: Final Session 

In this final class, veteran filmmaker Colm O’Murchu will take you through the essentials of being a filmmaker and how to take your passion beyond this course, including:

⇀ Making your next film
⇀ Where to from here?
⇀ Film financing & Film festivals.
⇀ The road to being a professional, paid filmmaker
⇀ Independent Film Club and how it works

8:30pm ­- 10pm  Screening the film and CertifIcates

After class finishes, we will screen the finished film and hand out course certificates to everyone who has successfully completed the course.

⇀ Screening of the Finished Film
⇀ Certificateceremony
⇀ Mixer Social and Celebratio

How to make it as a successful Film Maker

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