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"To put it bluntly this course is an inspiration, I still can't believe how much we got through. I'm still bouncing off the walls with excitement and have already lined up two collaborations with fellow students. Colm's teaching makes dreams come true."
- Probir Dutt, Rok Starr Films.

"The Film Directors Course was awesome. I am still on a high a week later. It was a wonderful experience to team with such a fantastic diverse group of people. The teacher  dynamic facilitation skills were motivating honourable and inclusive of all participants."
Helen Willmore

"If someone wants to learn film making , seriously this is for you. It covers mostly everything and I'm amazed how much I have learnt . Colm the teacher is a legend and he is full of energy."
- Luke Carroll

Previous Film Course participants talking about  our 4 Month Film School

Ashley Benett Graduated from the One Day Film School and then the Four Month Film School

Bromwyn Pedersen:  Attended both the One Day and the Four Month Film School

Jeremy Hill Attended both the One Day and the One Week Practical  Film school

"It's such a privilege to team off with such talented directors, an extremely worthwhile course."
- Lana Cox, student

"A comprehensive course that inspires and motivates any would be filmmaker's to shoot their own film in a confident and professional manner...brilliant."
- Daniel Musumec, student

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course it has given me the practical knowledge and confidence I need to do what I love...make films."
- Lauren Lurber, student

"A fantastic informative thoroughly enjoyable course for anyone wanting to make their film look like a million bucks."
- Michael Walker, student

"Randal Flynn is an A-list writer."
- Jane Hampshire, Producer, Natural Born Killers

"Randal Flynn's dynamic and brilliant course is packed with profound insights into writing for the screen"
- Martin Brown, Co-producer, Romeo and Juliet, Producer, Moulin Rouge

"A fast track to being a better producer. Randal Flynn is tough, blunt, but he knows."
- Kate Kennedy White, Exec. Producer, Network 10

"Inspired. Highly complimentary to the Robert Mckee seminar."
- Laurence Hanson, Writer, Director

"Randal Flynn is one of Australia¹s most brilliant & motivational film instructors!"
- Dov Simens, Filmmaker, U.S. Film Instructor

"The best journey through scriptwriting you will ever take!"
- Simon Palomares, Writer, Creator, Wogs Out of Work, Acropolis Now

"No nonsense nuts-and-bolts stuff. Very practical."
- Alexsi Vellis, Director, Nirvana Street Murders

"Brilliant presentation of how to get the heart of your story idea into a finished script"
- James Oldman, Script Consultant, Metal Skin

"If you're serious about becoming a screenwriter start by doing this course. Randal Flynn's method is an absolutely essential first step, especially if you want that edge over the rest."
- Leslie Ehm, Script Consultant, Palace Pictures, London E

"I've completed so many different courses and this is simply the best. Most inspirational and informative."
- Helena George, student

"The course was very much worth the money as it exceeded all expectations and it covered everything I wanted to know about film making and more."
- Matthew Scott, student

"Incredibly comprehensive and five of the best days I have invested in myself."
- Alan Hubber, student

"I'm now so motivated and have the means and the passion to make my own films."
- Fiona Morrison, student

"A dynamic instructor who gives you the knowledge and the confidence to go out there and make it happen."
- Marcel Denieuwe, student

"I had absolutely no idea of the process of film-making and Colm and Sydney Film Base not only made me feel very welcome but also inspired me to believe I can pursue film making further. A brilliant course."
- Michelle Papast, course student

"Was a great course! Loved it to bits. I learnt so much more than you could from a textbook or lecturer, and met a lot of great people. Colm did an excellent job teaching. Inspired me to continue film-making."
- Leonard Smith, course student

"This course has given me the first step to making my own film. I now feel I have something to get my foot in the door and am filled with inspiration and am filled with inspiration and enthusiasm to continue."
- Richard Cameron, course student

"This is a fabulour course for new entrants. Colm [the course presenter] is great!"
- Anne Tsoulis, Former Australian Film Commissioner Project Officer & Feature Film Scriptwriter

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