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From Dream To Film Maker In Three Months

Bad Habits - 3 Month Film Course Film

This film looks beautiful with really top class cinematography and has a very old style feel. Another example why our film courses are so good.

Films made on our Film Courses by people like you who enrolled

Repressed made on our Film Directors Course

Deceit  - 3 Month Film Directors Course Film made by people who enrolled on the course


Film Trailers of Two Feature Film Motion Pictures Directed & Made by Colm O'Murchu - Owner and Teacher on the 3 Month Film Production Course.


The Makeover Trailers -  100 minutes Feature Film  

  • The actual full film has been watched 2,000,123 times online and averages about 4000 views per day.
  • The Makeover is a 100 minute feature film staring Lara Cox and Martin Dingle-Wall.  
  • Colm O'Murchu (owner Sydney Film Base) produced, wrote, directed and edited this film. He even acted in one scene.
  • The Makeover won Best Comedy Drama at the New York Downtown Film Festival.
  • The film was also sold to Pay TV in Europe and on Pay Per view everywhere in the USA.
  • The Makeover has come a viral success on the internet with over 1 million views online and watched thousands of times per day all over the world.
  • Released on DVD with Blockbuster  everywhere in Australia and New Zealand and on Quickflix (Australian Netflix)  April 2011.


Dealing with Destiny: Feature Film Trailer  90 minutes Starring Luke Arnold (INXS)

Dealing with Destiny  This is a $1 million  feature film made in Australia.

  • Colm O'Murchu (Owner/Teacher Sydney Film Base) was hired as the Film Director.
  • The film is about the final day of four university students who go on a final day muck up that ends in total mayhem.
  • The film stars Luke Arnold who is currently playing Michael Hutchinson of INXS fame in the TV series "Never tear us apart".


How to make it as a successful Film Maker

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