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From Dream To Film Maker In Three Months

The Melbourne Three Month Film Course 

Starts Tuesday 12th September 


14 Reasons to Enrol on the Three Month Film Course

  • Our Three Month Film Course Venue is centrally located in Melbourne – 113 Flinders Street Melbourne CBD  with the best Film Instructors
  • Course starts on Tuesday 12th September 2017 and completes on Tuesday 12th December 2017
  • Tuesday Nights & Some Saturdays for 3 Months
  • Highest Standards and Quality Training on our Three Month Film Course
  • Spread over Three Months, the Film Course teaches you how to be a Professional Film Director and Film Maker
  • This means that you will make and crew on an actual film production
  • You are on a real film set shooting your film professionally
  • You will direct real actors on film set on location
  • You will get to learn about and do all of the Crew roles. Camera, Sound Recording & Boom, Lighting, Continuity and more
  • Hands on and Practical with professional Film equipment
  • One on One Consultation and Coaching to Plan and create your career in the Film Industry. We have the know how which will show you the way to forge a career in the film industry.
  • After the Three Month Film Course, you are invited to join the Indie Film Club for ongoing support, productions and work
  • At the end of the course, you will receive the Film Directors Film Certificate
  • You will have your film to show to your friends and associates at the end of three months
  • The most effective and exceptional Film Course for Beginners or Emerging Film Makers who want to make films professionally
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Imagine Making Your Own Professional Film Now

  • That gets seen over the world
  • Rockets your career into film making and making a living from a job you love
  • You can keep your day job while totally changing your life on Saturdays and Tuesday Nights on the 3 Month Film Course
  • Make new exciting friends who have the same interest
  • Work in a glamorous business and travel
  • Exceptionally well priced with payment plans and finance to suit all budgets
  • Bookings Closing Soon. Enrol Now and visit our Booking & Course Fees Page 

There is no better or quicker way to learn professional film making than enrolling on the Three Month Film Course. 


What you will Achieve and Learn on the Three Month Film Course

  • Learn how to produce and direct your own professional films
  • How to write a winning script
  • How to cast your film with the best actors 
  • How to work with real actors by actually doing so
  • How to produce and organise your film
  • How to operate the camera
  • How to record high quality location sound
  • How to do three point lighting
  • Know how a film is edited
  • Film Directors Certificate
  • VOD Copy of the completed Film
  • Take Action Now -  Check out our Prices and Booking Information Here 


  • Probir Dutt Rok Starr Films

    “To put it bluntly this course is an inspiration, I still can’t believe how much we got through. I’m still bouncing off the walls with excitement and have already lined up two collaborations with fellow students. Colm’s teaching makes dreams come true.”

    HELEN WILLMORE Rok Starr Films

    “The Three Month Film Directors Course was awesome. It was a wonderful experience to team with such a fantastic diverse group of people. The teacher dynamic facilitation skills were motivating honourable and inclusive of all participants. The Shoot was fantastic and now I am making my own professional films ”


    “If someone wants to learn film making, seriously, this is for you. It covers mostly everything and I’m amazed how much I have learnt . Colm the teacher is a legend and he is full of energy.”

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