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Happy New Year – 2014 Hot film opportunities

December 31, 2013 by · Comments Off on Happy New Year – 2014 Hot film opportunities 

Happy New Year –  2014 is here and here are some hot film opportunities

Photo Bali

From my Bali Trip

I am writing on the last day of 2013. What a year for Film and what a year of travel for me personally. I personally enjoyed travelling overseas with two trips to Europe and one trip to Los Angles USA and the AFM in Santa Monica. I  also managed to spend some holiday time in Singapore and Bali in the middle of the year.

At Australian Film Base we will have some great courses in 2014. We also will be shooting Absolute Freedom in August and September with Preproduction starting on July 1st 2014. We shall start a seven week shoot on August 4th 2014. I am very much looking forward to the shoot and there are still opportunities for you to be involved with a wonderful 105 minute feature film which will be seen by the world in 2015.

We shall have an awesome screenwriting course in 2014 and some more masterclasses and we will be launching our Hot Talent Indie Film Makers Club in 2014.

I always like to sign out the year with my favourite films of the year and hopefully my recommendations will suggest some  films you might like to catch up with. If you have not seen them, please check them out

  • Life of Piimgres
  • Silver Lining Play Book
  • Zero Dark 30
  • Iron Man 3
  • The Hunger
  • The Conjurer
  • The Best Offer
  • Rush

I am looking forward to keeping you informed of how to make your very own quality indie films that get seen by millions around the world.

In my blog for next year, we shall have

  • Podcasts about how to make your films
  • Podcasts with successful film makers
  • More articles about how to cast crew what equipment to use and how to run your film
  • The best films of 2014

I am very much looking forward to 2014

Colm O’Murchu  - Director International Film Base










Looking forward to 2014

December 23, 2013 by · Comments Off on Looking forward to 2014 

Dear Reader 

This is a very quick note to wish you a happy Christmas and a wonderful indie film year in 2014.

Peter Jackson with the Red Camera

Peter Jackson with the Red Camera

Over the last few months, I have travelled to Ireland and the USA. I have wrapped up an estate in Ireland which was far more time consuming than I anticipated. I also manage to spend a week at the American Film Market in Santa Monica.

There were many parties and events at the Market this year. We were of course pitching Absolute Freedom every chance we had. We made great progress in this area and finally we have a locked down schedule for 2o14. I would like to outline some of what we will have to offer you in the new year.

Absolute Freedom Schedule for 2014. Absolute Freedom is a 105 minute feature film whichimgres will premiere at the Cannes Film Market in 2015 

Casting shall begin after Easter 2014
Preproduction starts on July 1st 2014 in just on six months.
Principal Photography or the Shoot commences on August 4th 2014
We shall shoot three weeks in Sydney and three weeks in the outback and three days in the USA.
These are now locked down dates and I am very excited about making the film in 2014.

There are still opportunities to make 2014 a great year and become an Associate Producer on the film.  Details on the link supplied.

I shot a short film on the wonderful Red Epic Camera in early December. It was a four day shoot using much of the new camera equipment that I have purchased.  The Short Film Crossing Over was one of our Advanced Course Films.  The Films are shot like they are  Hollywood Film. The Red Epic in fact was used on The Hobbit Oblivion Elysium and many other blockbuster films.

In 2014 we shall launch a course for those of you who would like to come an expert on the Red Epic Camera. We have also purchased an 18 foot crane, a stedicam and tracks. We have upgraded our Mics to the Sennheiser 416 Hollywood Mice for absolute professional sound recording.

This course will have an exam attached as it will lead to employment opportunities. Please let me know if you are interestd in this course. If you are, one needs to be a graduate of the 4 Month Film School or show a CV that proves that you have learned how to make professional films. This will be a specialist course.

If you want to book on to Red Epic course please loot at  the 4 Month Film School first.

Colm O’Murchu –  International Film Base 









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