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10 out of 10 The Intouchables

July 26, 2013 by · Comments Off on 10 out of 10 The Intouchables 

I am only one week away from the launch of my blog, Indie Film Making Passion on August 1st.  One of the sections in my new blog is Best Movies 2013. These are my favourite movies of the year. I only place films that I have loved in this section and ignore all the average fare. The films I love have in nearly all cases being recently released in the cinema. In nearly all cases I have seen them in the Cinema.

imagesThe Conjuring My score 9 out of 10 85% of Critics loved the film  90% of Audience loved the film. 

This film is Spooky. See it in the cinema if you want to get the full effect. Make sure you are not home alone or every creek in the house will spook you out.

“The Conjuring” tells the true story of Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga), world renowned paranormal investigators, who were called to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in a secluded farmhouse. Forced to confront a powerful demonic entity, the Warrens find themselves caught in the most horrifying case of their lives


The Intouchables      x 10 out of 10     75% of Critics loved this film. 92% of Audiences loved this film.

images-1I loved this Film. This is a very heartwarming film that will have you in a wonderful frame of mind at the end.  I did not get to see this in the Cinema. (Released October 2012) I finally watched it last Sunday Night and I have to give it one  of my rare 10 out of 10 score.

An  uplifting comedy about friendship, trust and human possibility, The Intouchables has broken box office records in its native France and across Europe. Based on a true story of friendship between a handicap millionaire (Francois Cluzet) and his street smart ex-con caretaker (Omar Sy), The Intouchables depicts an unlikely camaraderie rooted in honesty and humor between two individuals who, on the surface, would seem to have nothing in common. — (C) Weinstein


To this day I still love movies and I appreciate anyone who is brave enough to make a film. It is always easy to watch movies and exceptionally difficult to make them.  Therefore I have no desire to trash films. If I do not like them, I just will not mention them. Please remember we all have opinions and subjectivity when seeing films. Therefore I take no responsibility if you dislike any of the films on my list. You will see more on

Absolute Freedom – An Opportunity now to be an Associate Producer on a Feature Film.

July 16, 2013 by · Comments Off on Absolute Freedom – An Opportunity now to be an Associate Producer on a Feature Film. 

It gives me great pleasure to announce an amazing new opportunity.IMG_2125-300x225

We are currently seeking Associate Producers to partner with us in making our next Feature Film, Absolute Freedom.  This is an awesome opportunity for the very smart emerging film producer.

Yes, we will be shooting our next feature film Absolute Freedom early in the new year. That is just  six months from now with early preproduction starting in December this year. It is always exciting when a new feature film project is close to Preproduction.
One of the most important aspects of making a film is never the budget. The most important aspect is the energy around a film.

This is the same for a short film project or a feature film project. Once you have the rightIMG_2279 energy, the film just happens. I always believe that when one is involved in an exciting film project, the days seem that much brighter. One becomes very focused on the present moment and what is happening now.

The other very important factor is that one learns more on a film production than in years of film school. When  you are involved in the reality of the film project, you learn more about producing

When one directs a feature film or a short film, one learns invaluable lessons from the process that enhances each directing job after.

This is why, I will invite you to fastrack your career as a film maker and become involved now in a very exciting project called Absolute Freedom a 110 minute feature film set in the USA and the Australian outback. P1070808-300x225

In a Nutshell, at International Film Base, the film project Absolute Freedom will be seen worldwide in late 2014 -2015.  The Film is an intense and very dramatic modern day western.

Here is the One Line Synopsis.  Right Wing Los Angeles Christian Zealot, Nathan Koch, loses his wife and his life and his faith in the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.  Faking his own death, he re-creates himself as an Outlaw in the Australian Outback.

As you will see from the opportunity on our website, you will get to be invovled in the process of making a film from Casting, Preproduction, Shooting and Post Production.

We will be selective with our Associate Producing Partners. The first action you should take is to book a meeting by reading about  the opportunity in detail on our website International Film Base.

Make 2014 the year that counts. Make 2014 the year that you become a film producer of a movie that gets seen by millions of people around the world..

I hope to see you very soon for a meeting relating to this amazing opportunity.
For further details please go to our film production site International Film Base.

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