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 Here are some great movies to see at the Cinema

July 28, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Here are some great movies to see.

I want to talk about two top class Australian Films that have recently released.
Australian film is looking up for the first time in years. The change started happening last year and this year the trend has continued.

It is wonderful to feel positive about the films we are making here again.
Make sure that you see both of these films preferably at the cinema or  if you can not make it to the cinema on DVD when they are released.

The first one is  Animal Kingdom. This film tells the story of seventeen year-old  (Josh) as he navigates his survival amongst an explosive criminal family and the detective who thinks he can save him. The film is written and directed by David Michod and had a tremendous response at Sundance earlier this year. The performances are very strong and the unexpected happens at every point in the film. The cast is a who is who of Australian acting with Ben Mendelsohn, Jackie Weaver, Sullivan Stapleton Joel Egerton and Guy Pearce. Nine out of Ten

The second film is a beautiful film called The Waiting City.
This is one of the most beautiful looking films I have seen in a long time. The Film Director and writer, Clair McCarthy  has captured what it is like to be in India  The cinematography is sumptuous and the performances are exceptionally strong.  The one liner from IMDB is  "A mystic-infused love story that follows a young couple's journey to India to collect their adopted baby."
I know what you are thinking " Oh that sounds boring" But please make an effort to see this film. It sucks you in to the screen and makes you proud of our film industry which is now on the up on up. The only small quibble that I have is that the film could have being tighter and about 20 minutes shorter than its 2 hour five minute running time. But the overall experience of this couple struggling with their relationship in India works.  Take a trip to India Eight out of Ten

Also I want to mention Inception which is a masterpiece movie.   Christopher Nolan is definitely a genius and has made a film that has to be a future classic. This film will be like Blade Runner, appreciated in time.  I believe that it will be a film we will still be talking about in 20 years. This is a rare big budget intelligent film that is now killing it at the box office.  Be blown away.  Nine out of Ten

As you can see, I have had a great time at the cinema recently. This is why we make films and I would like to mention that you can have this opportunity to make a film yourself
I want to mention for those of you living in Sydney  that we will be starting the Three Month Film School on August 7th.  We currently have 10 people booked on the Film School leaving four places available. This is an amazing three months where we get to spend the time making a high quality short film that we will enter into Tropfest and I guarantee you that as a result of the next three months there will be several other short films to work on in November. How good would 2010 be if this happened to you?

Here is the link to the page

What is your best strategy for making your Film Career happen?

July 28, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Post: What is your best strategy for making your Film Career happen?

One of the most important elements of Film Making is to get out there and constantly make films. The question I was asked on the phone the other day is "How does one get started on this journey?" Therefore, this morning, I will focus on how you can accomplish your first film.

Firstly, Make your first short films at very little cost. This is an important starting block.
I know of certain people who started with a feature length film as their first project and chew off more than they could handle.

It may take a few short films to learn how to make a film. You will also need instruction and a film school that helps you make your first short film.

Do Short Films make money? Yes they can. There are ways now to upload your finished films on to video sites for all to see. They will show a commercial at the end of the film and split the revenue 50 50. These sites are now coming more common and we identify them at our film schools.

Obviously the film Festivals are a great way to get exposure and cutis for your finished short film.
But some are better than others and it is important to enter the top film festivals around the world. Australian Film Base's Three Month and One Week Film School shows you how to make your short or feature film on a low budget and how to get the most return out of the finished film. We teach you how by actually making a short film during the school from start to finish.

Overall short films are mainly a means to an end. The end goal is to make independent films that sell and get screened in the cinema. As soon as you have mastered making a short film, it is time to look to the bigger projects. As soon as you have learned to maximise the return on your short film, it is time to move on to make and sell a feature length film.

There are two types of low budget Feature Film shoots
Weekend Feature Film Shoot where the film is shot over 10 three day shoots over a year. You will need $50K - $70K. You can keep your day job and still make the film on the weekend.
Five to Six Week Feature Film Shoot. You will need $500,000 budget plus to make this type of film.

I show you how to make and sell the Weekend Feature Film on our Weekend Film School in Brisbane. We also show you clever ways to raise your budget.

If you want to be a Film Maker, learn how to make films in the shortest possible time and then make them. Bring together a creative team and watch your film career blossom. The best way is to attend one of our following film Schools in Brisbane Melbourne Adelaide or Sydney.

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