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The Importance of treating your crew well.

May 30, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

This week Chris Hobart has written a blog about the importance of the crew.  Enjoy.

When approaching filmmaking for the first time you can often be caught up in the equipment, the style, the story, the final vision, without understanding the process. The film making process involves people, then people, and then more people.

That’s right, filmmaking is about working with people intensely interactively and intimately.  This is why I am making a BIG point of it here. It’s not that any of the other aspects are not critical. However, understanding and respecting the people you work with brings enjoyment and success.

It’s not uncommon to walk on set and not recognize many faces in your crew; it’s a transient industry.  My advise it to take time at the start of the shoot, to connect with the people you will rely on during the following weeks.

I had a shoot where I had to get into the ocean with my camera to shoot a dramatic scene. Once I was out there working with the waves; I lifted my head to the shore to see my crew. They were behind me, fully clothed, standing in the water.  They were dedicated not just to the process but also to me as a director because they felt valued and respected.

Part of this hidden art to creating a great film is to feed your crew well. Always keep plenty of refreshments and energy food on set with a wonderful healthy lunch and dinner. There should be a 45 minute lunch where the crew gets a chance to relax and reboot. This definitely brings a team together and gives time to celebrate the production.

Believe me , crews judge the shoot by the quality of food. Filmmaking is not just about the end result.  The journey and the process is of equal importance.

Chris Hobart   Film Director and  Instructor  Australian Film Base

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