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Shooting Pick ups for A Day in the LIfe

January 21, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

The scene is a memorable one. Vinnie's girlfriend turns up unexpectedly at his workplace and catches him doing what Tiger Woods does best. He was having a good time with the secretary. Instead of using a golf club, his girlfriend locks Vinnie into the worksite office and then gets in the excavator and destroys the pride of his life, his yellow fiat sports car. Its a quite a sight to watch a car getting crunched to smithereens right in front of you. I love making movies for that reason. You get to do and see things that  normally only exist in movies.  Funny that.

As a director I had a choice to blow up a  car or smash it to pulp with the excavator. The latter was the choice that I took. The second choice fitted better with the story and also we have seen a hundred exploding cars in different movies. Smashing cars to pulp is something that I have only seen in a few movies. Pulp Fiction to name one.

We had two Red Cameras and they worked beautifully on the day and as usual I always recommend the Red Camera as a wonderful alternative to 35 mm film.

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