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My Favourite Movies 2009

December 18, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

This is one of my favourite posts of the year.    My favourite Movies of the Year.

In 2009,  I only saw 36 Movies at the cinema. With two movies of my own in production, and two busy trips overseas, I did not have the time I normally have. As I said before in one of my posts,  I love to watch movies at the cinema.
I believe that the cinema is the pure movie experience and I keep TV screens for sitcoms news sport and really good TV drama.

Favourite Movies are very subjective and everyone’s list is different. I know that your favourite movies will be very different from mine. I hear the critics talking about movies and I find their lists  amusing. One critic said that “Watchman” was his favourite movie of the year. For me, Watchman was one of the worst movies of the year. Yes, it  looked spectacular but it failed in one of the most important areas Story.
What a mess the storylines were and those paper thin characters. Yuk.

2010 saw the revival of the Australian Film Industry.   Australian’s are now making proper movies again. In the 80s and 90s we were one of the best countries in the world at making sharp fresh independent cinema. And now we are back and lets celebrate.

Australian Movies of the Year:
Mao’s last Dancer  (took $14million at the cinemas)
Samson and Delialah
Lake Mungo

Cinema release is only 20% of the value of a Movie. Films these days make money from so many different platforms with Pay TV, Broadcast DVD Sales and Rents,  DVD off Websites. The big growth in 2009 is Video on Demand  (VOD). This will now become a big earner for producers and movies in the future.

OK here it goes My Movies of the Year and I will remind you that this is my subjective choice. My movie choices  looked beautiful and their story captivated and emotionally moved me.

Number One  Departures: Japanese  This is one of the most successful movies  out of Japan.
Departures won Best Foreign Language Movie at the Academy Awards.
I loved this movie. Everything is perfect. Well done Japan.

2 Mao’s last Dancer   Bruce Beresford is back with one of his best films in years and it is Australian.

3  Coco Avant Chanel..  I loved this film with its sumptuous cinematography.
I found the story engaging and what a strong female heroine. A woman ahead of her times.

4 Grand Torino    Clint Eastwood at 78 gets better and better.

Other Great films of 2009

Inglourious Basterds   I went to the Australian Premiere at the State Theater  and Quentin introduced the film. Great night, great film.

Balibo    Australian film at its best.

The Reader   Kate Winslet at her very best.

Lake Mungo

The Hangover (funny)

The Boat that Rocked ( loved the music)  I know everybody hated this one except me. I used to DJ in the Dublin pirate radio scene and that is why I connected with this film.

Frost Nixon

Dammed United.

I can not wait to see Avatar.  James Cameron's first film since Titanic. It promises to change cinema.  I will see it in the next week.

2010 is nearly here and I advise you to start the year making a film. Please look at one of our Film Director Schools.
On our Film School, we actually make a film. You crew and direct it and it all takes place in one week.

You have a choice of

One Week Film Directors School   Brisbane     11th – 17th January    5 Places left

One Week Film Directors School   Sydney      19th – 24th  January     4 Places left.

Have a great Christmas and a very successful wonderful 2010 and I hope to see you in the new year.

The New World of Distribution

December 9, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

POST December 9th 2009  Colm O’Murchu

Firstly I very much enjoyed presenting the Weekend Film School. We had 40 people attend and on Sunday night, we all felt that it had being a wonderful two days. The group gained much insight into the production of the salable films and also motivation to go out there and produce their own films.

One of the core subjects that we covered was the changing world of Film Distribution and Sales. More and more the power of selling your created films is now shifting to the clever Film Maker.

Every year about 3,000 low budget micro films are made. Out of this quantity of  films, only a handful are sold effectively. And every five years, there is a mega-hit home made movie . This year the mega-hit was  Paranormal Activity.
Dreams do happen but how do we get the odds in our favour.

Start building you audience using the internet and your own groovy website. A Great movie website really helps where there is signup box and one can slowly start to build up an audience. This is the key. Over time one can generate an email list in the hundreds of thousands. When you have a good film, you have your audience in your email list. This is very powerful when dealing with Distributors or Studios.
They love a guaranteed audience. Hence the reason for the Sequel film.

This is now called Hybrid Distribution and is quickly coming the new model for selling films. There are Film Makers out there creating audience signups  right now. By building a fan base, the film maker can balance the negotiation with the bigger market reach of the Distributor.     One of the keys is keeping the rights to sell DVDs and Video on Demand off your website, while the distributor buys the other rights to show the film in cinemas and sell DVDs through the normal channels.

Film Makers  should start thinking about their Market for their film right at the start of filming.  One of the greatest thrills for a a film maker is connecting with the biggest possible audience.  Of course making the films is very important and that is why we are having our One Week Practical Film Courses early next year. At the One Week Directors School, you will actually crew and direct a short film in one week. Before making your own short film, learn how it is actually done. Make your short films award winning films that get seen in Film Festivals around the world

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