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Only five days to the best two day Film School

November 23, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Very important Reminder:            Only a five days to the Weekend Film School

This will be an inspirational weekend  This course will start you on the way to making your own successful  film production and will show you how to approach selling the film.

For you the course will only cost $295 if you mention that you read this blog. ( Normal Price $495).

Join 40 other people who have all ready booked into the weekend and make some wonderful creative collaborations with other like-minded film enthusiasts. This weekend is great for the beginner or the emerging film maker.

Weekend Film School Saturday and Sunday November 28th 29th


The American Film Market Santa Monica California.

It has been three weeks since I last posted. That is because I have being on the road traveling around the USA.
Firstly I attended the AFM ( American Film Market) in Los Angeles.
This is one of two major Film Markets. The first one of the year is in May and it is called The Cannes Marche.
This market happens in conjunction with the Cannes Film Festival.

The Second Market of course is the AFM and it takes place in November at the Lowes Hotel Santa Monica.
I was there on a Mission:  Sell my two movies The Makeover and  A Day in the Life

This is the first time I have attended a Film Market. What a fascinating Zoo it is?
Small Australian Films take a back place to the major films and small independent US Films with names.
In fact, that is one of the first Questions asked. What names do you have in the film?
“Yeah but who is in it?"

Every Distributor or Sales Agent has a hotel room where they sell their films to the buyers. On the Final Three days of the Market, the sales agents and distributors look at finished film trailers and listen to pitches for film scripts.
If they like the trailer they will ask for a Screener of your finished film and they will watch the finished film and make their offer three to five weeks after the market.

In our case, we got a tremendous response to our trailers. Everyone wanted the screener of the now completed Makeover Check out The Makeover Trailer .   This  is our new Web Site for The Makeover and  launched today.

The American Film Market is the coal face of Film Sales where nearly a biillion dollars worth of deals happen.  So here is the hottest tip I can give you. It seems obvious but nobody does it in Australia or very rarely.

Tip Number One. Get a recognizable film star name  into your film. Even if it is just a small cameo part. An Average  B list American Film Star costs $200,000 plus expenses for a one week to two week engagement.  This will increase the value of your film dramatically. It takes connections. You make these connections  through networking.  Find out how this is done on the Weekend Film School this weekend.

When you can get a name into your film then the value of your sale goes up. Why because people out there will watch a film with  a name while there is very big reluctance to watch a film with out a name.  The latter film could be a better film but it does not matter. Look at what Tarantino did with his first film. He got Harvey Keitel involved and his life changed.

I write this as I am flying from Orlando Florida to Denver Colorado. Why was I in Florida?
Well yesterday I saw the Space Shuttle Atlantis launch. Did you know that if you are less than a Kilometer from the launch the sound will kill you. It was spectacular and what is incredible is the speed that it goes up. You never see that properly on TV. That is 17 times the speed of sound. Well that is fast.

If you want to rocket your way into a film job, enroll on this weekends course. It could be the start of making your own film in the next few years.  Remember this is one of the only times I will do the Weekend Film School in the near future.

Weekend Film School Saturday and Sunday November 28th 29th

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